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New Items

Jaguar XJ220
1998 Dash 4 Cash Series #1
Shipping $3.00

Shoe Box
2000 First Editions #26
Shipping $3.00

25th Anni Lamborghini Countach
1997 First Edition #12
Shipping $3.00

1967 Camaro
1995 Mod Bod #4
Shipping $3.00

1963 Corvette
1996 Dealer's Choice #4
Shipping $3.00

1996 Spy Print #2
Shipping $3.00

Great New Diecast Products on scOOmer.com Great New Diecast Products on scOOmer.com Great New Diecast Products on scOOmer.com

Detroit Muscle

Detroit Muscle 25 is only a few weeks away from retailers.  Though we are not seeing any new castings, Sean Taylor and the team at m2 Machines knows how to keep putting cool spins on existing casting to make sure they stand out from previous releases.  What is catching our attention more so, is that this release is being marketed as a 6 car collection.  Though the release offers three castings each car come in two variations, the base color remains the same between the two but there are subtle difference between the sister cars such as vinyl tops, stripping, and even wheel differences.  Also, be sure to keep and eye out for the 1 of 500 1968 Firebird gold trimmed chase piece taking the total set up to 7 pieces.

1) 1968 Pontiac Firebird - Alpine Blue Metallic w/Semi Gloss Black Vinyl Top

2) 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 H.O - Alpine Blue Metallic

3) 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 340 - SunFire Yellow w/Black Stripes

4) 1969 Plymouth Barracuda - SunFire Yellow

5) 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 6-Pack - Bronze Fire Metallic Body

6) 1969 Plymouth Road Runner HEMI - Bronze Fire Metallic Body w/Gloss Black Roof

Chase Car:  1968 Firebird Sprint - Alpine Blue Metallic w/Semi-Gloss Black Vinyl Top & Gold Triming   and is Limited to 500pcs

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